Work Management

Streamline work assignments


Smart Work

Use freethink to efficiently manage every task in the work day. Assign work to the crew members, triage task priorities , see your assigned tasks, attach photos, take notes, enter labor hours, log materials, and more. Supervisors get live updates of the work being done.

Our solution places the system directly in the hands of end users. Field Engineers, Work Crews, and GIS professionals can work on the same dataset in real-time and take decisions that are immediately available to their team.

Product details
  • Simplfy your WORK ASSIGNMENTS with our tools.
  • Software built to INCREASE LIFESPAN of your equipment.
  • Effectively manage all the tasks of the day.
  • Check assigned tasks on the go via the mobile app.
  • Integrate with GIS to track work based on location.
  • Quick search feature to save your time.
  • Role-based accessibility.
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