Paperless Workflows

Engineered to boost productivity


Weave Workflows

With our end-to-end Workflow Management platform, Statutory requirements such as inspections and surveys can be integrated directly into the Workflow to ensure compliance. The system automatically provides each employee with a to-do list so that work assignment across your organization is managed. A supervisor can view the timeline associated with any application to find bottlenecks and resolve conflicts.

Small inefficiencies in large organizations get magnified by the scale of their operations. We helped a client save a few sheets of paper per transaction, but that quickly translated into 19 crore sheets saved.

Product details
  • Fully MANAGED SOFTWARE available across a number of devices.
  • Get TRAINING from our experts.
  • Control View and Edit rights.
  • Clear, Concise and Effective User Experiences across the board.
  • Eliminate the need for manually generating reports.
  • Get alerted when an application enters your dashboard.
  • Save paper, money and time.
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