IoT Monitoring

Live insights of data and work


Edge IoT

To steer your organization in a fast moving economy, you need data that reflects the ground reality. Seconds lost in making a critical decison can cost your organization in terms of money, lost opportunity, and the safety of your people. Implementing a digital twin requires the right technology, but it also requires a commitment from the organization to apply certain operating procedures.

Freethink provides end-to-end solutions that include consultancy services in Operational Efficiency, Digitization of Workflows, and continued handholding for ensured Customer Success.

Product details
  • Get LIVE INSIGHTS of data and work.
  • Software built to INCREASE LIFESPAN of your equipment.
  • Effectively monitor field data.
  • IoT sensor data mapped on GIS dashboard.
  • Analyze data and predict equipment failures.
  • Diagnose and perform proactive maintenance.
  • IP65 enclosed assembly.
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EDGE IoT devices

EDGE IoT devices integrated with our GIS software, delivers a powerful flowrate monitoring solution focused on real-time data from the field to the office.

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