Paperless systems to empower local governments


A Responsive Government is simply a Government that listens to its people. In the past it was infeasible to seek public opinion at every step of policy, but with the technology available today we can make that happen. Small policy changes can have an outsized impact on Citizen happiness, if the nature and timing of that change is carefully curated. For example if a large number of Citizens are complaining about potholes on a certain road, we can automatically prioritize the repair of that road.

Small inefficiencies in large organizations get magnified by the scale of their operations. We helped a client save a few sheets of paper per transaction, but that quickly translated into 14 crore sheets saved.

Product details
  • Fully MANAGED SOFTWARE available across a number of devices.
  • Get TRAINING from our experts.
  • Control View and Edit rights.
  • Clear, Concise and Effective User Experiences across the board.
  • Eliminate the need for manually generating reports.
  • Get alerted when an application enters your dashboard.
  • Save paper, money and time.
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