Asset Management

We map your assets in a world that changes


Maptrack GIS

Maptrack is a Next Generation Geographic Information System that was built for a connected world. Legacy GIS systems live in disconnected silos that are only accessible to a select few people. Unless you have an active team of dedicated GIS professionals to keep your data updated, these systems quickly get outdated. Organizations often report that their GIS systems and survey plans do not reflect the ground reality in the field.

Our solution places the system directly in the hands of end users. Field Engineers, Work Crews, and GIS professionals can work on the same dataset in real-time and take decisions that are immediately available to their team.

Product details
  • Build your ASSET CATALOGUE with our tools.
  • Software built to INCREASE LIFESPAN of your equipment.
  • Assets mapped with high precision equipment.
  • Attach photos and monitor condition of your asset.
  • Update asset details from anywhere. Any device.
  • Quick search feature to save your time.
  • Role-based accessibility.
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