About Us

freeTHINK is an Engineering Consultancy Firm providing Information Technology Solutions. We specialize in GIS systems and Smart City related technology. We have been continuously profitable since 2013 with numerous successful and prestigeous projects to call our own.

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful organization. Cities are no different. A Smart City is a city that can communicate its problems effectively and can collaboratively implement solutions. Our MAYA platform acts as middleware to help a city communicate. It listens to sensors, tracks vehicles, monitors personnel, and puts all that power in the palm of your hands.

Geographic Information Systems have been used the world over for decades, but developing countries were left out because of the cost involved. It is our endeavour to provide cost effective GIS solutions with excellent user interfaces that require no training.

The culture at freeTHINK is our biggest asset and we protect it fiercely, because we want monday mornings to be a pleasent reminder of the awesome week ahead! Merit is rewarded, Innovation is celebrated, and we are always ready to grow. The eternal joy of learning something new is central to our ethos. May we remain forever young and learn something magical and wonderful every day!